Friday, February 24, 2012


The Day I lost my mother,
You told me something seemed to be very weired..
You said, “don’t cry sweetheart, I’ll love you like your mother”

People may think how a boyfriend could possibly love someone like her mom!

But I believed you,
Cause I knew how much you love me
And I knew you can love me in every possible way.
And you proved it my darling.
Today I see you are my that old friend,
Who became a lover day by day..
and even can care for me as my mother!

I feel it
when you push me for something,
though I hate it,
(knowing I would actually love it later!)
To cover that up you then do something that makes me relaxed
and not to feel to be pushed!
Then you silently keep doing what you needed to do...
Saying nothing you then say so much my dear..

I still believe you like that day,
I just don’t have any idea how you do all that!
And I’m a poor girl...
can’t do anything... as you do,
but only loving you like hell!
I don’t even have a perfect word,
Or at least an expression to thank you.
I would rather be angry for nothing,
and blame you for a lot of things,
which you don’t deserve at all.
But believe me,
Deep in my heart, I want to thank you, my love!
For being my best friend, my beloved mother!

Just give me one more minute.
Can I tell you something?
Something, which know...
so much cliche for being over used.
You know what I mean
I know what I’m gonna say
So whats point of saying that
....I love you!


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~ মেঘের অনেক রং ~ said...

মন ছুঁয়ে গেল।

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mone anek rong ,hoyache donno by your golpo.

Farid Ahammad said...

rong legeche ! aichaaaaa...

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Shadman Khan said...

Very touching. Got tears in my eyes after reading it.

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